School Tours

Standard House Tour

Time required: 45 minutes
Cost: $2.50 per student

Students of all ages are invited to experience eighteenth-century colonial lifestyles and history. Students will explore the lavish public rooms and comfortable family quarters while hearing about the Wilton’s famous visitors, including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the Marquis de Lafayette. 

Additional Activities

Time required: 30 minutes
Cost: $1.50 per student

Add an additional hands-on experience to your visit! 

  • Militia Muster: Learn the art of the soldier! Wilton served as headquarters for the local militia throughout the American Revolution. Learn to march, drill with muskets, and make your own musket cartridge to take home.
  • Artifact Adventure: Handle a real archaeological collection from Wilton plantation! How can we learn about the past from things we find in the ground?



SOLs: 3.1, VS.1, VS.3, VS.4, VS.5, VS.9, USI.1, USI.2, USI.4, USI.5, USI.6, WHI.5, WHI.6, WHII.1, WHII.4 WHII.5, WHII.6, WG.3, WG.4, VUS.1, VUS. 2, VUS.3, VUS.4



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