Wilton on the Road

Fry/Jefferson Long

Colonial Virginia
Duration: 45 minutes
SOLs:  VS.4a-e, VS1.a-i, USI.1d, and USI.5c

This hands-on learning session brings part of Wilton’s learning experience to your classroom. Students are introduced to various aspects of colonial life and provided opportunities to work together to better understand how Colonial Virginians lived. Students will take part in investigating reproduction artifacts associated with each Standard of Learning. Students can also take part in a clothing demonstration by trying on examples of what boys and girls wore in 18th century Virginia. Also provided in this lesson are activity booklets for each student, a colonial dance lesson, and free passes to Wilton House Museum for each student.


Lesson Objectives:

  • Identify and interpret artifacts and primary and secondary source documents to understand events in history;
  • Determine cause-and-effect relationships;
  • Compare and contrast historical events;
  • Draw conclusions and make generalizations;
  • Make connections between past and present;
  • Sequence events in Virginia history;
  • Interpret ideas and events from different historical perspectives;
  • Analyze and interpret maps to explain relationships among landforms, water features, climatic characteristics, and historical events;
  • Evaluate and discuss issues orally and in writing;
  • Explain the importance of agriculture and its influence on the institution of slavery;
  • Describe how the culture of colonial Virginia reflects different origins;
  • Explain the reasons for the relocation of Virginia’s capital from Jamestown to Williamsburg to Richmond;
  • Describe how money, barter, and credit were used;
  • Describe everyday life in colonial Virginia.


What’s Included with the Lesson:
Outreach Objects





  • 5 Lesson Boards, each with a focus on at least one aspect of SOL VS.4
  • Reproduction artifacts associated with VS.4
  • Object worksheets
  • Basket with reproduction clothing for demonstration
  • Lesson plans
  • Teacher and student evaluation forms
  • Colonial dance music and instructions
  • Activity booklet for each student
  • Free pass to Wilton House Museum for each student
  • 2 Wilton costumed educators to lead the program (optional)

To request an outreach package today contact us by email or by phone at (804)282-5936 ext. 4.