Subverted Tradition

Subverted Tradition

The artists in this room are looking back to architectural and artistic traditions and thinking how they have changed over time.


Jon-Phillip Sheridan
Arrangement #6, 2013
Archival pigment print (polystyrene, composite wood, pine, ceramic tile, and mirror)

Sheridan took this photograph in his studio, and it features contemporary building materials that he bought at local hardware stores.

Sheridan is interested in how classical architectural forms from ancient Greece and Rome have changed from being made out of fine materials, such as marble, to be made out of cheap, mass-produced materials, such as plaster.


Michelle Florence
Thé de Toilette: Self Portrait No. 2, 2013
Glazed porcelaneous stoneware
On loan from Pamela K. and William A. Royall, Jr.

This sculpture depicts the artist atop a toilet that is merged with a pitcher that would have been part of a fine toilette set used by women and men in the 17th century to get ready in the morning. The title plays off of the combination of toilet and toilette.

The work makes a clear distinction between the past and present. It represents how different the artist’s morning rituals are from those of the 17th century.